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Sofa Cleaning Service

We are always suprised in what hides in most sofas when we clean them, dust, dirt, pet hair to name a few. Their are also other considerations which may increase the need and frequency of cleaning your upholstery like allergy conditions ect and even when we clean a suite that looks clean it’s amazing what comes out of it. We can operate our top of the range equipment from the van or your home with very little disruption. Our machines are of the best quality on the market today and will produce fantastic results on upholstery, sofas, suites, chairs and fabric furniture. We test your upholstery first before cleaning and have all the up to date

Type Of Sofa Fabrics Cleaned -

Cotton, Synthetic, Polyester, Microfiber, Suede:-

•Acetate: Designed to imitate silk, it can protect your sofa from mould, mildew, pulling, and shrinking. A robust man-made alternative to silk.

•Acrylic: Another man-made synthetic fabric which was developed to look and feel like wool fibres.

•Nylon: This fibre is usually blended and mixed with other fibres in a sofa to make the upholstery strong and robust and more stain resistant than other fabrics.

How Do We Clean Upholstery?

Take a look at our video below to get an idea on how your sofa, suite or settee is cleaned!

4 Steps of Upholstery Cleaning

1: Pre-Inspection

Upholstery can be far more complicated to clean than carpets. At upholstery cleaning Burnley we inspect each sofa or chair before cleaning to make sure it’s safe to be professionally cleaned in your property. Upholstery can be made up of many fibres including natural fibres like wool, silk or cotton so it is important that you know what you are working with so that we can give you the best clean possible!

2: Pre-Vacuum

It is often the case where we need to hoover your upholstery before cleaning. This helps when we use our machines to clean the sofa so that the cleaning process is easier and cleaner. Sofas can have years of dust build up and a good vacuum can make a real difference before we even start cleaning.

3: Pre-Spray & Pre-Spot

We check the fabric for individual spots and stains. We then use the appropriate specialist solutions for each stain to help remove them before cleaning. We then use a pre-spray with we agitate in to break down the ingrain dirt.

4: Extract & Rinse

After the stain treatment, pre-spray and agitation helps to break down the stains, spots, dirt and soil in the upholstery we use a extraction machine that cleans with high pressure water at just the right heat and extracts the dirt too!

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