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We carry out all aspects of carpet cleaning including commercial and domestics work. We can clean your carpets, rugs, upholstery suites or leather sofas. Call today for any advice or a friendly quotation.

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Carpet & Rug Cleaning

We have invested very heavily in the most up to date and most powerful carpet cleaning machines and equipment available on the market. We have found this and the quality of our training has propelled us to the highest level of carpet care in the Burnley area of Lancashire.


The solutions we use with our carpet cleaning is also important and we only use child and pet safe products from the most renowned carpet cleaning chemical producer in the country. The Prochem products we use are designed to clean and treat any kind of stain on all types of carpets safely. We recommend that you have your carpets cleaned at least every 18 months or so.


super fast drying times

We use air movers and carpet dryers where needed to help with drying times. The average man-made fibre carpet takes about 2 to 3 hours to dry and a wool mix about 3 to 4 hours to dry. With the use of a carpet dryer we can cut drying times to 1 hour in some circumstances!

Wool Safe

Wool carpets need to be treated with care when cleaning. They can react badly to harsh chemicals, with either colour or texture change as a result of the carpet cleaner using the wrong spray solutions! We only use wool safe products on wool carpets!

Pet & Child Safe

We only use pet and child-safe products on your furnishings! When cleaning carpets, we always ask you, the customer if you own any pets. With this in mind, we cover fish tanks while cleaning and ask you to remove birds, cats, dogs or mammals.

7 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

At carpet cleaning Burnley we use our unique 7 step cleaning process to rejuvenate your carpets. We have developed this system over the last decade to give you the best clean possible! The system can take a little longer to carry out than other carpet cleaners methods but the results speak for themselves.

1st Step: Vacuuming

We will hoover your carpets if needed. Sometimes we do not need to carry this out as we have powerful vacuum motors in our carpet cleaning machines.

2nd Step: Spotting

Some carpets will have individual spots and stains that will not be removed from the carpet cleaning process alone. In these cases, we will carry out something called spotting. We use the latest in specialist stain removers to spot your carpet and treat each stain before we clean the carpets.

3rd Step: Pre-Spray

The carpets are prepared for cleaning with an application of pre-spray which is a traffic lane type cleaner to break down the dirt and soil in the carpet. We often leave a dwell time after applying the pre-spray to let it soak in and do its job before extracting with our powerful machines.

4th Step: Extraction

This is the main event in the whole process and it’s where we use a machine to inject hot water into the carpet and also extract the dirty water at the same time.

5th Step: Inspection

We double check the carpet to make sure we have not missed anything and that all stains have been removed. We sometimes treat any leftover stains again.

6th Step: Dressing

This is where we dress the carpet with a brush to enhance its appearance. Sometimes we will leave the wand triangle marks in the carpet if safe to do so because customers seem to love them.

7th Step: Drying

Using a carpet or upholstery air mover/dryer machine when suitable we can lower drying times even further!

carpet cleaner in lancashire

Carpet & Rug Deodorising!

Carpets can become musty or just plain smelly in a very short time period and this is an issue we can solve for you with our vast array of different fragrances & deodorisers. We can usually solve any type of smell issue with your carpets and you will be amazed at how fresh they smell after cleaning & deodorising! We apply a deodoriser to the carpets directly and in the machine that cleans them to sanitise your carpet and neutralise any bad smells.

Pet Smells!

Has you dog, puppy, kitten or cat had an accident on your nice clean carpet? Does your carpet or rug just smell a bit ‘doggy’? Well we can solve this problem with a deep down clean and deodorise.

Urine Stains!

If you have urine stains, not only can we remove the stain we can also remove the smell! We use specialist chemicals that are safe for pets and children to sanitise your carpets.

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